We the management,faculty and students of Cochin University of Science and Technology, make it a point to align ourselves with the goals and vision of IEEE. We push all the members to innovate, partake and grow through the various activities that are conducted for and by the club.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).A student branch of the IEEE was established in the university in 1986 as the 4th Student Branch Chapter in IEEE Kerala section.Majority of the members are undergraduates from School of Engineering. The IEEE student members receive all the technical and professional benefits of IEEE membership at subsidized rates. The branch is supervised by a Branch Counsellor who is a faculty member of the university having an IEEE membership.We continue our voyage across the skies of career building and critical skills, with all our 200 plus members in tow. Challenges and experiences have only made us better over the years, and here we are —one of the finest branches in the hub.

What we do

None of us is as smart as all of us

Advancing technology for humanity

The IEEE CUSAT pans over a wide range of the tech spectrum. With a student branch that has been active for years, we’ve managed to take learning and networking up a notch. We continue our voyage across the skies of career building and critical skills, with all our 50 plus members in tow.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is a vital part of the ongoing evolution of IEEE. The Plan provides a clear picture of IEEE as an organization, the goals our community is pursuing, and the initiatives that will move IEEE forward in the coming years.


To quest for new technologies in all relative engineering fields by creating a new professional platform for networking and exploring career opportunities.


To help students and faculty be aware of the technological advancements and also help them contribute their ideas on a global platform.


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Completed events





Evehack 2.0

A 24 hour hackathon coming soon!


Student Branch Chapters and Affinity Groups

Robotics And Automation Society

Photonics Society

Computer Society

Industry Automation Society

Antennas and Propagation Society

Power and Energy Society

Women in Engineering

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